Divergent! *My Opinion*

Has everyone seen the movie Divergent yet??

From the first time I saw the trailer, which was during The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in theaters, I wanted to see the movie so bad! It looked fun, entertaining and exciting! 

I know the books have been out a while, but I've never read them until I saw the movie trailer. I went through my local library and checked them out for Kindle. To my surprise, ALL 3 books came available at the same time! Now, my problem? I only had 21 days to read all 3!
As much as I LOVE to read, I didn't think I was able to do read all 3 in that time frame. I read them as often as I could, when I had to return them, I was in the last book with just a few chapters left. 

I wasn't able to finish those last chapters unfortunately. A girlfriend and I went on March 30th to see the movie. We would have went opening night but she was away on her honeymoon. (YAY! Congrats to her!) We went to the 7pm showing. SO excited to see it!

I won't post any spoiler alerts just in case those of you that haven't seen the movie that read this, it won't give anything away. 

I love the movie and can't wait for Insurgent and then Allegiant. In my opinion, it did move a little fast. I understand that every detail can't be included because it would be a 6+ hour movie (I love movies, so I wouldn't mind LOL). More of the details from the book could have been added, but not to over do it and make it too much of course. I love that they did add certain events and details from the book into the movie. Made it much more enjoyable. You know those certain events in books that NEED to be included in the movie for it to make sense to the viewer? They did that well with some from the book. 

I had to read the books pretty fast so towards the end of the movie, I was a little confused (thinking that some events were already coming from the second book into the first movie). So I bought the books from Amazon, so I officially own them. I bought them on sale at Amazon. It's all 3 books in a bundle for $14.99 (prices can change at any time, so please be aware of that)

Here's a link to the page:

So I will be rereading all 3 books, hopefully now that I can read them on my own time, I'll be able to enjoy them better!

I can never get enough for the trailers that are out! Please enjoy this 3 minute trailer! :-)

My question:
Has anyone seen Divergent? What did you think about it? Your opinion? 

Thank you for bearing with me and visiting my blog!