DreamSpa 12'' Rainfall Shower Head with LED Color Change

I would believe that no one likes cold showers, right? We want warm and not scorching hot! This shower head is the perfect way to tell the water temperature, before getting in and ending up with either too cold or too hot of water. 

The DreamSpa 12'' Rainfall Shower Head has LED Color Changing Temperature Display is one great shower head. It's very easy to install, it comes with instructions (which are also very easy and simple to follow). 

No batteries are needed, the LED is built in, which is pretty cool! It displays the temperature as well as changes color.

There are 3 temperature displays for this shower head. They are as follows:

  • Blue- Temperature is usually below 95 degrees. COLD
  • Green- Temperature is between 95 and 109 degrees. WARM
  • Red- Temperature is between 109 and 122 degrees. HOT
  • Flashing Red- Temperature is above 122 degrees. SCORCHING HOT- WARNING

You can adjust the angle of the shower head as well. I did a video to show the different colors when the temperature changes. Take a look!

 *We live in an older house so the water pressure is NOT great at all! This will work better with better water pressure. DON'T LET THIS VIDEO STOP YOU FROM BUYING THIS IF YOU WANT*

This is great if you have kids who are old enough to start their own showers. Our kids love this shower head. They no longer need us to start their water for them, they can read the display and tell the temperature from the color changing. Not cold and not too hot! 
I highly recommend this shower head!

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