Healthy Sprouts Silicone Sippy Lids

We all have a stash of sippy cups laying around the house. Some are intact, others need a replacement nipple. They aren't all too expensive, but it's just easier to get rid of all your sippy cups and get these Silicone Sippy Cup Lids! You will be just as surprised as I was with these!

I've seen these before but not in stores as of yet. I was skeptical with these. I figured there has to be a small flaw that you have to deal with, with being able to make any cup into a sippy cup. No flaws whatsoever! It comes in a 4 pack of silicone sippy lids. You get a red, yellow, green and blue one. I figured out how to put them on without having to have someone hold the cup while putting the lid on.

They fit over a variety of cups and glasses too! I used two different glasses. One is a mason jar and the other was a insulated curvy glass. The lid fit on both glasses.

You can also fit these over sippy cups too. I wouldn't recommend using them on plastic cups though. They do stretch out quite a bit to fit over the glasses; I worry over time that with continuous stretching, they will eventually leak. As of right now, NO LEAKS! Which I love, it's perfect for toddlers; they can even walk around the house and you don't have to worry about finding wet spots anywhere from leakage

 I do use glass cups with these for my 2 kids that use them. I trust that they won't drop or throw them (they usually stay in my sight with drinks if they are up from the table after a meal anyway).  Miss Anna and Miss Kinley love being able to use big girl cups!

They save plenty of space in the cabinet. They even fit perfectly in your diaper bag or purse. These would be great for eating out as well so they can use big kid cups without any spilling. 

If these ever wear out or eventually tear, I will be purchasing more! I'm fairly surprised with these and highly recommend them! 

Whether you are a mom to toddlers (or even babies, you can always have them on hand for when they are old enough), a childcare provider, or grandparents, I recommend having these on hand! Get yourself a pack here: Sippy Lids

I received this product for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.