Furious 7...it's back!

Furious 7...enough said, right?!

I am super excited about the next movie in this franchise! I've been a HUGE fan since the beginning. I think we all have been! It all started in 2001 with The Fast & The Furious. Now, here we are in 2015 with Furious 7!

Whether we are into the movies for the cars (yes, there are some amazing cars throughout the movies), the action, the guys, or even the women; it's got something for everyone. 

These movies have become part of our lives. My husband has even quoted the movies during our conversations.

Tomorrow is the release of the movie, Furious 7. You can also see it tonight at some theaters. As soon as I got the fan alert from Fandango.com, I immediately purchased our tickets. I am not going to miss this movie or wait til it comes out on digital and DVD. You shouldn't either!

Tomorrow is our date night, dinner and Furious 7 (I believe one of the best movies of 2015!)

All kinds of emotions are going to be displayed when seeing this movie. We've watched all the characters grow and change. We've watched new characters come in and we've even lost one.We lost a great guy and this will be his last on screen appearance. Paul Walker, aka Brian O'Connor, died November 30, 2013, doing something he loved. 

The previous films have always ended with a cliffhanger, but not this one. It will be a tribute to Paul. I'm excited to see the ending but also sad. I'm anxious as well to see how his brothers did, as they took Paul's place for the scenes he was unable to finish.

We've grown to love each and every one of these movies and even the characters. We love with them. We cry with them. We laugh with them. We even get mad with them.  
Furious 7 Trailer 

You can purchase your tickets here:
Fandango Movie Tickets

Hope everyone goes to see it and I know there will be packed theaters across the world tonight and tomorrow! Once you see it, come back and let me know what you thought!