6 piece Bakeware Set

Our son, Aden, turned 10 on August 19th.  Every year we make a cake for the kids birthdays. We went to Dollar Tree and he picked out what kind of cake he wanted. Thankfully I received my new bakeware set in the mail the day before, so I get to try them out.

It's a 6 piece bakeware set, heavy gauge and non stick.

It came with the following:
One 6 cup muffin pan (can also be used for cupcakes!)
One loaf pan (8.5" x 4.5) 
One cookie sheet (14.5" x 10", can also be used for biscuits!)
One round cake pan (8.5'')
One square pan (9'' x 9'')
One deep pie pan (9'') 

They are non-stick inside and out. It heats evenly without hot spots. This is a great set for people beginning to get into baking (like myself!). They are simple to use and very easy to clean! 

We proceeded to make a cake using the round cake pan.

We followed the step by step directions on the cake box. This particular cake came with 2 mixes, one red velvet and one blue velvet. I had an extra round cake pan to use. It was simple and not too complicated to make. 

We let the cake cool while we ran some errands. My husband came home and worked his magic, like he always does. He iced it with the Vanilla Marshmallow Icing. 

The extra cake you see in the corner was cut from the top of the cakes to make them more flat, so they fit well together. He used the extra cake leftover, put it in the blender and made blue and red crumbs which we used to top the cake with as well as the sides. 

It turned out great, the kids enjoyed eating it and of course there's leftovers! I definitely recommend this bakeware set. Great for beginners. I love that it's non-stick and really easy to clean!

You can find this bakeware set on Amazon.com:
HLC.ME Bakeware Set

*I received this product for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.*