Balloon Monsoon and Refill Kit

We love being outdoors (more so when there's water involved, especially during the hot summer months). Something fun to do...water balloons!
Our kids love anything water related, so this was right up their alley.


The kit comes with 4 pre-filled balloon wands, with a total of 148 balloons!! Throwing 148 balloons at each other sounds like so much fun, right?
What do you have to do to fill the wands up? You hook the round green end to your water hose, turn it on and watch them fill up!

As long as you securely connect the wand and the hose, you should not have any problems with leaking. Once they get to normal size, cut the water off and gently shake them and they will fall right off and seal themselves. So much easier and doesn't take a lot of time; the fun can begin right away!
The only problem I had with these, they were not very easy to pop. When we threw them at each other, they wouldn't pop, but as soon as they hit the ground...POP!


The refill kit comes with 500 balloons and 500 resealable black rings. You place the balloon on one of the sticks on the wand. Then you take one of the black rings and place it down over the balloon til you reach the end of the balloon. It is time consuming but fairly easy to do.

If you would like to buy this and have lots of fun with your kids or even grandchildren, you can find the items below:

Balloon Monsoon Kit

Balloon Monsoon Refill Kit

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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