Yacun Women's Flame Dress

                        Yacun Women's Flame Dress

This is a beautiful dress! The colors go really well against the black. I ordered an XL just in case it ended up a little small, but it didn't, so I could have ordered a L and been just fine. The chest area is a little revealing for me. 

I love that it's halter and ties around the neck, but it doesn't matter how tight you tie it, it's still possible to pop out at any time while wearing this. I do like the fact that, in the bra area, there are pads BUT they aren't fixed in place so they do shift and are hard to position how you want them. You can always remove them though. 

It is super long, which I love. There are of course pros and cons for it being so long. You definitely don't want to trip while walking. You can always hem it if you need to. It's a great dress for the spring and summer time. The material is breathable so it's not going to be extremely hot while wearing this. There are many options in wearing this beautiful dress. You can wear flip flops or throw on some heels and it can be a nice dinner out type dress. You can wear a jacket or sweater type over the top so you might can even wear this on the lighter side of winter. It's definitely a great beach dress. You can wear this over your swimsuit too!

If you would like to purchase for one yourself, go here: 

Amazon.com- Flame Dress

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*