Ozeri 360 Degrees Oscillation Tower Fan

During the summer months, having fans all over the house is a must (plus it saves some money too!)

This fan is amazing! It comes with the fan itself, a base, a remote and instructions. On the bottom of the fan are screws. I did it the hard way and used my fingers to unscrew them, but a screwdriver will work better and much faster. Once you put the base together (it's just two pieces that go together), place it on the bottom and put the screws in the holes and screw them in. I had my son hold the fan for a little help in getting it on there right. Place the fan where you plan on using it, this case, our bedroom. We had a box fan before this one. It's a pain to have to clean it weekly and having to take it apart to do so. 

Once you have it plugged in, grab the remote (it comes with a battery you need to install, it was kind of difficult for me to open the battery compartment). When you first plug in the fan, the temperature will come on immediately. My husband came home from work and asked what that temperature is for and I told him "It's the temperature in the room." He automatically liked it without even knowing about the other features. I have the speed all the way up and in regular mode, it's not very quiet but it's also not as loud as other fans that are out there. 

You have buttons on the remote and the same buttons on top of the fan (if you happen to misplace the remote). You have red button on the remote which is the power button (ON/OFF). You then have the speed, you can have it low, medium, or high. I love that it's all digital and shows on the fan, it's pretty neat! You have the timer; you can set it to how many hours you want the fan on before it turns itself off. Goes up to 8 hours.You have the MODE, AUTO, OSC, and DIMMING as well. The oscillation, you have a choice of 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 360 degrees; which means it turns ALL THE WAY AROUND! Honestly, I would only use that one if it was in the center of a room, that would be great for the 360 degree rotation. On the back at the top, is a spot for the remote. I wish it was a little tighter fit. One accidental bump and the remote comes out of the area. It slides in easy but slides out way too easily.  Overall, a great fan for the hot summer months approaching!

Grab yourself one of these awesome fans here:
Ozeri 360 Degrees Oscillation Tower Fan 

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.